The installation, Tower of US is created with 99 colored knitted squares and 1 grey square knit piece.
It is my tribute to the movement of “Occupy Wall Street”. The number 99 symbolizes the slogan "We're 99%." I am fascinated with how a new kind of political activism has developed through the movement. I believe that it is through the accumulation of small squares forming a larger composition that my artwork communicates that we are all a part of the same vibrant and tumultuous global movement.

Knitting has opened new avenues in my creative process. It drastically altered my perception of art-making. Instead of my past understanding of the art studio as a sort of isolated Lab, I now think and see my ideas about art fusing with everyday life. In other words, it is possible for me to interject my various beliefs (i.e. political, environmental, spiritual, etc.) into my works. 

Upon the completion of the show, the knit-squares will be bundled up, continuing its nomadic existence. I will carry on making more squares, perhaps in different colors and/or patterns, while seeking the next opportunity to configure them into different installation communicating a current social issue of the moment.


Currently showing at Bellevue Arts Museum, High Fiber Diet
Tower of US, 2012 Hand-knit wool and acrylic yarn 240" x 210" (spanning 2 walls)
100, 16 inch by 16 inch knit squares

Installation How to Fold an American Flag
(September, 2012)
The installation piece is made for NEPO 5k Walk don't Run in Seattle. I ordered one hundred 12" by 18" American flags. I folded and stitched the flags in various stages of "official" folding. Then I installed the flags in 10ft by 10ft grid formation on spacious lawn of Sturgus Park.

I live near King County District Courthouse in downtown Seattle. I occasionally come across the guards ceremoniously put away the American flag at the end of the day. Their hands folding the flag in the official format never failed to catch my attention. Such encounters inspired me to employ the flag, and its folding method, in the project.

Deco Boco is a part of my on-going experimentation with yarn as a painting medium. I made this "stuffed painting" while exploring the boundaries between"fine art" and "craft" objects. It can function as a cushion. It can also be hang on a wall, like an 'Art'.The piece has multiple orientation, meaning you can place it on a chair vertically, horizontally or even flat on a floor. The pattern on the piece 凸凹 can be read 'deko boko (でこぼこ)' in Japanese. It is an adjective describing something bumpy. I was making this work during the last stretch of 2012 presidential campaign. It sure was a bumpy emotional ride and the work's motif expresses the state.

The piece was included in the Favorite Art Project at Henry Art Gallery, conceived by Tova Elise Cubert.

Deco Boco (2012)
Hand-knit wool yarn and high-density foam
20 x 24 x 4 inches

The group of watercolors... more

Coming January 2013... Knit N' Paintin' at SOIL Gallery, Seattle